SmokeTree Resort revitalization begins Paradise Valley deliberations May 24

Not since Adam West first dawned the cowl of the Dark Knight on the American Broadcast Company has much thought been given to the breadth and scope of the SmokeTree Resort in the Town of Paradise Valley. But earlier this year the legacy resort property at 7101 E. Lincoln Drive changed hands for a reported […]

Paradise Valley budget talks illustrate a municipality in full bloom

The financial picture of the Town of Paradise Valley could not be any rosier as operating revenues are up, expenditures are down and the municipality holds a staggering operating reserve of 104 percent. Paradise Valley Town Council Thursday, April 12 received an introductory overview of Town Manager Kevin Burke’s recommended budget for fiscal year 2018-19. […]

Paradise Valley looks to put a finer point on Hillside development

The Town of Paradise Valley is moving forward with an holistic approach to how the municipality regulates the building of residential homes — or any other structure — on lots with a greater than 10 percent slope. Paradise Valley Town Council is looking at a series of 19 amendments to the existing Hillside code, which […]

Paradise Valley readies new guidelines to corral local water flow

An effort fueled by a desire to preserve natural washes and a systematic approach to address where the water flows in, down and around the topography of the Town of Paradise Valley is afoot at Town Hall. Paradise Valley Town Council is in the midst of a storm drainage design manual update more than 30 […]

Paradise Valley explores bike-share program possibility, regulation

The Town of Paradise Valley is exploring the ins and outs of offering a bike-share program that could be available to the general public, but more likely to end up a unique amenity offering for local luxury resorts. Paradise Valley Town Council — at the request of Councilman Scott Moore — held a study session […]

Councilwoman Pace talks photo radar on Paradise Valley streets

The Independent reached out to Paradise Valley Councilwoman Julie Pace to get her perspective on the current state of affairs regarding photo radar devices and how she views the usage of the technology. Rep. Travis Grantham introduced HB 2208, which is a formal measure to prohibit the use of photo radar in Arizona — and […]

Task force assembling with aim to solve Paradise Valley cell phone woes

Paradise Valley Town Council is looking to solve a problem that has plagued residents and visitors alike since the dawn of the Digital Age: cell phone reception. Because of the community’s geography and land-use patterns, traditional macro cell sites are limited within town limits. Sloping hillsides and mountains create challenges to the quality of cell […]

Paradise Valley Town Council ends single-hauler trash contract pursuit

Apparently, you can fight Town Hall. After several months debating the merits of allowing only one trash hauler to serve town residents — a debate that attracted stiff opposition from residents — the Paradise Valley Town Council unanimously voted Feb. 8 to reject any change and leave things just as they are. Residents have always […]

Single-hauler compromise may be in play, Paradise Valley officials say

The great single-hauler trash debate in the Town of Paradise Valley may be over as town officials now contemplate allowing two companies to pick up trash within the town. Paradise Valley Town Council is expected to host a study session Thursday, Feb. 8 on what now appears to be the prospect of a dual-hauler provision […]

Paradise Valley in turmoil over proposed single-hauler trash contract

The prospect of approving a single-hauler contract in the Town of Paradise Valley appears to be at an impasse following an impassioned public hearing Thursday, Jan. 25 that left many in attendance scratching their heads. Paradise Valley Town Council voted against the current single-hauler contract with Republic Services by a 4 to 3 measure, citing […]