Dembow: Paradise Valley leaders deserve our gratitude

Before we enter into the summer months and many Paradise Valley residents begin to travel, I wanted to take a moment to express a bit of gratitude toward a number of people in our community. Paradise Valley is truly a place that lives up to its name, and it’s in no small part to a […]

Dembow: Don’t toss out Sanctuary’s Casa Three application prior to its review

I’m emailing you to frame Councilwoman Julie Pace’s well penned article on the Sanctuary SUP application for Casa Three. Serving with two members who live in Stone Canyon (Council members Pace and Moore) and having the privilege of knowing several residents who live in the neighborhood I understand the community concerns well. There is zero […]

Dembow: Why I am seeking the resignation of a fellow elected leader

Three years ago today, on a rainy overcast day, Town resident Howard Brown stepped off the curb directly in front of my daughter’s car. Mr. Brown died the next day. The Brown family’s attorney filed, what is known as a shotgun lawsuit. They sued 17 entities including, my daughter, me, the Town, the investigating officers, […]

Dembow: get out there and have the Paradise Valley resort experience!

I penned an article for the 50th Anniversary of the Town of Paradise Valley. I highlighted our local resort community. The amount of changes in the past six years is nothing short of epic! I wondered if our community was aware of all the wonderful places they can go in their town. Give your local […]