Q&A: The shared economy, the Town of Paradise Valley and JBW

The Town of Paradise Valley Independent reached out to Mayor Jerry Bien-Willner to better understand his perspective specific to the fledging shared economy emerging within town limits. Mr. Bien-Willner — a lawyer by trade, an entrepreneur at heart — offers three examples of town efforts. They are: The Town of Paradise Valley has published a […]

Paradise Valley police arrest woman for alleged mail theft

The Paradise Valley Police Department arrested a woman for reportedly stealing someone else’s mail. Police officers were dispatched to the 5000 block of 50th St. at 7:20 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 8 to check on a Samantha Meussner, 28, according to a police report. While speaking with Ms. Meussner, police say they learned she had mail […]

Paradise Valley couple ‘knee-deep’ in legal fees suing for sewage damage

Town of Paradise Valley residents Tim and Mirja Riester have rejected offers from both municipalities they are suing over alleged sewage damage to their million-dollar home. Since the damage occurred two years ago, the couple not only found themselves deep in flooded sewage waters at their home, but now are claiming they are “knee-deep” in […]

New desires: Arizona luxury downsizing is all the rage

For years, the inherited image of a luxury home in Arizona was on a large lot, with a swimming pool, expansive rooms, other fancy amenities and hopefully a picturesque view. But now many people, especially Baby Boomers are choosing the modern patio home over the multi-acre mansion, said Realtor Greg Hague, who specializes in the […]

EPCOR water main installation likely to ensnare Tatum and Lincoln intersection

Municipal officials report a new water main is being installed along two miles of Lincoln Drive, from 36th Street to Desert Fairways Drive in the Town of Paradise Valley. The project is meant to improve water capacity by nearly 3 million gallons per day, and provide a second water source for a portion of EPCOR’s […]

Legacy value arguments shape Town of Paradise Valley development

The Town of Paradise Valley is special. The landlocked municipality is unique as it borders major metropolitan areas — the City of Phoenix and the City of Scottsdale — but since its 1961 incorporation the town has remained a beloved residential relic of 20th Century American suburbia. Situated amongst both historical and natural landmarks, Town […]

Paradise Valley councilwomen hold steadfast to community values

The Town of Paradise Valley is on the precipice of what developer dreams may become as municipal leaders weigh the cost and benefits of luxury housing, multifamily and resort development inching toward fruition. In all, there are eight special use permit projects making their way through various cogs of the Paradise Valley municipal process, Community […]

Childhelp founders commemorate 60 years of miracles

For six decades, Childhelp’s founders, Sara O’Meara and Yvonne Fedderson, have made it their mission to ensure that millions of children worldwide are protected from abuse, neglect and bullying. This year marks Childhelp’s 60th anniversary – a significant triumph for the organization along with the children and families served — since 1959, Childhelp has offered […]

Paradise Valley offers consensus on roadway improvements leading to, shaping resort development

Following years of deliberations, it appears Paradise Valley Town Council has closed upon a consensus of how Indian Bend Road and Lincoln Drive improvements will unfold in coming months. Despite its anticipated summer slumber, the local governing body descended upon Town Hall, 6401 E. Lincoln Drive, in a special meeting July 1 to decide upon […]

By the numbers: The dollars and cents of Paradise Valley public safety

Just off Lincoln Drive, near the eastern borders of Paradise Valley is the state’s sixth largest municipal court. The Paradise Valley Municipal Court, due to its court filings, continues to be ranked as the sixth largest municipal court compared to the other 81 in the state, according to Court Director Jeanette Wiesenhofer. Earlier this spring […]