Paradise Valley Town Council mulls Town Hall remodel

Paradise Valley Town Hall may undergo some changes in the near future as the town council discussed potential interim remodels of the building during the study session of its Thursday, May 10 meeting. Engineering Services Analyst Jeremy Knapp and Town Manager Kevin Burke presented two potential interim options to create more office space, consolidate information […]

Town Hall displays resident Joe Sacco’s art work

The Town of Paradise Valley welcomed its 2017-18 resident artist, Joe Sacco, during an Oct. 10 fine arts exhibition. Mr. Sacco’s exhibit will remain at Town Hall, 6401 E. Lincoln Drive, through September 2018. Visitors are welcome to visit the works of art during regular weekday business hours. Mr. Sacco, a resident of Paradise Valley, […]

Unfunded Paradise Valley public safety pensions continue to linger

Paradise Valley Town Council took a second stab at paying down its unfunded liability of public safety pensions during a Sept. 22 study session, where a consensus was reached on trying to pay off the burden as quickly as possible in order to save money in interest. The town officials discussed multiple options during the public meeting held at Town Hall, where all members expressed interest in paying down the liability reasonably soon.