Paradise Valley Ritz-Carlton project continues municipal approvals

Paradise Valley Town Council unanimously approved an amended final plat for Area C, 39 lots on 17.2 acres, within the Ritz-Carlton Paradise Valley campus. Area C, as it’s known between town officials, is designated for resort-branded single family homes. Original plans called for 45 homes on 22.5 acres. The town approved the former special use […]

Paradise Valley remains in pursuit of a more defined Hillside safety code

After more than an hour of discussion on a proposed safety section to the hillside code, Paradise Valley Town Council ultimately decided to table the issue until a later date. The conversation that took place earlier this month set out to aid in the protection of the hillside environment and help provide for the safety […]

Paradise Valley mulls public responsibility of private investment

While in the midst of their annual budget forecast, Paradise Valley officials have created a laundry list of potential proposals eagerly awaiting assignment on the capital improvement projects list. Items found on this year’s list include undergrounding of power lines, roadway improvements related to the new Ritz-Carlton resort and a sewer system assessment. Following the […]

Paradise Valley approves contract for culvert extension on McDonald Drive

The Paradise Valley Town Council approved a contract with Markham Contracting to work on the McDonald Drive Culvert Extension Capital Improvement Project. The decision came at the council’s Thursday, April 12 council meeting at Town Hall, 6401 E. Lincoln Drive, as part of the consent agenda. With the council’s approval, Town Manager Kevin Burke can […]

Paradise Valley town council considering a roundabout to ease traffic

Paradise Valley officials continue to look for ways to divert and “calm” an expected increase in traffic along Indian Bend Road caused by the construction of a new project connected to the Ritz-Carlton Paradise Valley Resort. Town officials circled-back around to discuss potential traffic calming measures during a March study session after suggestions presented last […]

Paradise Valley sets out to address mass false alarm calls

The Paradise Valley Police Department responded to more than 3,000 false alarms in 2017, but local leaders are looking at developing strategies to address the significant drain on department resources. Local officials estimate there are about 5,000 lots or properties within Paradise Valley town limits. Since 2008 the amount of alarm calls that turn out […]

Parking, plats and pools: Town council passes on various town code amendments

Despite receiving a few complaints over the year pertaining to parking on residential properties, the Paradise Valley Town Council has opted to take a pass, at least for the time being, on putting any restrictions on how many cars can be parked at a home and where those cars can be parked. During a study […]

Paradise Valley explores bike-share program possibility, regulation

The Town of Paradise Valley is exploring the ins and outs of offering a bike-share program that could be available to the general public, but more likely to end up a unique amenity offering for local luxury resorts. Paradise Valley Town Council — at the request of Councilman Scott Moore — held a study session […]

Town officials eye solution to Paradise Valley police alarm service

Officials at the Paradise Valley Police Department are confident they have found a viable solution for its police alarm system — one loyal residents have used for decades. After more than a year of searching for a solution to the police department’s legacy alarm system, Police Chief Peter Wingert told town leaders on Jan. 25, […]

2018: financial prospectus unfolds at Paradise Valley Town Hall

The start of a new year at the Town of Paradise Valley equates to evaluating the upcoming fiscal year budget, incoming revenue and potential downfalls in the economic landscape. During a Thursday, Jan. 11 study session at Town Hall, 6401 E. Lincoln Drive, Town Manager Kevin Burke presented an outline of possible goals and projects […]