Paradise Valley offers consensus on roadway improvements leading to, shaping resort development

Following years of deliberations, it appears Paradise Valley Town Council has closed upon a consensus of how Indian Bend Road and Lincoln Drive improvements will unfold in coming months. Despite its anticipated summer slumber, the local governing body descended upon Town Hall, 6401 E. Lincoln Drive, in a special meeting July 1 to decide upon […]

Building a behemoth: the Paradise Valley Ritz-Carlton

Five Star Development gave the Town of Paradise Valley Independent an inside look at the progress being made in the effort to make the Paradise Valley Ritz-Carlton resort community come to life. Scottsdale-based Five Star Development, which was founded by prominent developer Jerry Ayoub, is the entity that is bringing the Paradise Valley Ritz-Carlton development […]

Scottsdale Indian Bend traffic calming met with Paradise Valley chagrin

A proposal to adjust Indian Bend Road to better accommodate certain development parameters approved by the city of Scottsdale for a new shopping center coined “The Palmeraie” was not well received by Paradise Valley Town Council. Paradise Valley Town Council Thursday, June 22 held a work study discussion at Town Hall, 6401 E. Lincoln Drive, […]

Vision of Paradise Valley Ritz-Carlton development focusing through Scottsdale approval

When Paradise Valley Town Council approved a development agreement with Five Star Development in January 2016 it set into motion efforts that will ultimately lead to the creation of a Ritz-Carlton resort community and subsequent sister retail and hotel project that is now being fully realized. In the last few weeks, two major developments have […]