Tesseract students raise more than $1,000 for local animals

At Tesseract School, every grade level takes part in an annual service learning project. This year’s third grade class decided at the beginning of the year that they wanted to do something related to animals and their well-being. After looking at numerous options, the class decided on Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary in Scottsdale whose mission is to promote the rescue, adoption, and well-being of senior animals, according to a press release.

Tesseract School adds two award winning teachers to faculty

Tesseract School recruited two award-winning veteran teachers from California to join their faculty this summer. Former National Association of Independent Schools “Teacher of the Year” Kimberly Jeter Hall and Minna Leigh, recipient of the Anne-Marie Jenks Excellence in Teaching Award, both moved from California to teach at Tesseract. Ms. Jeter Hall will teach music to Kindergarten through eighth grade students, and Ms. Leigh will teach fifth through eighth grade Science.