City of Phoenix to install solar LED streetlights

ClearWorld, L.L.C. has recently expanded its reach from New Orleans to Phoenix. The City of Phoenix will be installing ClearWorld’s unique Solar LED Streetlight solution as part of a pilot program to test the innovation and solar light solution to the valley of the sun. The selection of ClearWorld, which has a unique patented system, allows the solar lighting system to be retrofitted to fit virtually any existing light pole, according to a press release. This saves replacement costs for existing infrastructure when a pole and electrical trenching is not necessary. The lights are not affected by flooding, can withstand up to 150 MPH wind, extreme temperatures and can last up to 8-10 days with low light conditions, and up to 3 days in no light conditions, stated the release.
With ClearWorld lights, the city will have safer and brighter lit areas, as statistics prove that less crime happens at night in low light areas, according to the release.