DiCiccio: Phoenix leaders pushing $37M property tax increase

Phoenix politicians are pushing a $37 million property tax increase. This is right after they pushed a transit tax of $31.5 billion, a water tax increase of $15.3 million that went for pay raises and bonuses, and an airport ride sharing fee of over $8 million annually. This new $37 million property tax increase is […]

Phoenix drone ordinance protects individual rights, promotes commercialization

I am demanding that your privacy is protected in a city of Phoenix “Drone Ordinance.” Our privacy is threatened by the increasing use of cameras including their use on drones that are proliferating due to their low cost and ease of use. Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles and Unmanned Aircraft Systems, present a rapidly growing technology that […]

City of Phoenix affordable housing — profits on poor

City built affordable housing is anything but affordable for taxpayers and profits off of the poor. The goal of the program has always been to provide housing for those who are in need. Through the years, however, it became a way to take money from those in need and stripping taxpayers of hard earned monies. For example, across from the Biltmore, the most expensive luxury apartment complex ever sold in the private sector was located at 26th Street and Camelback Road for $277,000 a unit.

Why are Phoenix politicians following the path of Greece?

Recently, I voted against the City of Phoenix budget because I see the same things surrounding Greece happening right here in Phoenix. Mayor Stanton and others pushed a budget to garner favor from the government unions (in an election year) that uses debt to pay for debt. In simple terms, using a credit card to pay for a mortgage. Here is what the union controlled mayor/council gave out:

DiCiccio: Vote ‘No’ on Proposition 104 this August

If you support quality education, you must vote “no” on the transit proposal or Proposition 104 this August. According to Phoenix staff, light rail will cost $161 Million per mile. The $31.5 Billion tax will take needed monies away from education and other higher priorities. The same politicians and insiders who brought you the failed […]