Bien-Willner: An update on Paradise Valley happenings from the mayor

Dear friends and neighbors: I am pleased to provide you with an update on some of the issues we’ve been working on, and will do so on a periodic basis going forward with the goal of increasing transparency, communication, and engagement for everyone interested in the great Town of Paradise Valley. PV is safe I […]

Paradise Valley continues to explore alternative measures to cover PSPRS obligations

Paradise Valley officials are mulling over exploring the use of taxable bonds as payment for portions of their unfunded liability in the Public Safety Pension Retirement System. Municipalities throughout the country have historically provided pensions to their public safety personnel — including the Town of Paradise Valley. Pensions were meant to attract quality workers and […]

Paradise Valley continues to grapple with public safety pension promises

The Town of Paradise Valley is continuing to look at new strategies to pay down old pensions with defined contribution promises. The Paradise Valley Public Safety Police Retirement Board recently completed a review of its disability claims, which translates to every dollar in salary paid to a police officer an additional 68 cents per hour […]

Paradise Valley likely to pursue aggressive plan to pay off PSPRS liability

Paradise Valley Town Council has decided to move forward with a three-year plan to pay down its unfunded liability of public safety pensions, which has reached $18 million, with a proposed resolution. The resolution needs the town council’s approval as the resolution is on the consent agenda, an agenda where there is no discussion only […]

Prop. 499 is prudent solution to PSPRS liability in Paradise Valley

On Nov. 8, Town of Paradise Valley voters will be given the choice to adjust the expenditure base. These revenues can be used to pay for sewer and police services, as well as associated capital improvements. State law allows the voters to determine the right level of government in each community. The original limitation is […]

Unfunded Paradise Valley public safety pensions continue to linger

Paradise Valley Town Council took a second stab at paying down its unfunded liability of public safety pensions during a Sept. 22 study session, where a consensus was reached on trying to pay off the burden as quickly as possible in order to save money in interest. The town officials discussed multiple options during the public meeting held at Town Hall, where all members expressed interest in paying down the liability reasonably soon.