Density concerns fan flames of worry at SmokeTree Resort rebirth endeavor

The SmokeTree Resort major special use permit amendment may need more time in its planning stages, officials within the Town of Paradise Valley say, as residents are simultaneously beginning to voice concern over the intensity of proposed plans. At a Jan. 9 Paradise Valley Planning Commission meeting, an agenda set to discuss the SmokeTree Resort […]

Firebrand neighborhood activated by Mountain View Medical Plaza pursuit

A handful of Firebrand Ranch residents are voicing concerns about the proposed rebuild of Mountain View Medical Plaza, which is on the northwest border of Paradise Valley, as the rebuild application begins municipal deliberations. On Dec. 18, residents of Firebrand Ranch attended the Planning Commission’s study session meeting to address concerns about the demolition and […]

Scottsdale developers push boundaries of Paradise Valley Ritz-Carlton heights

Scottsdale-based Five Star Development officials — those who are building the Ritz-Carlton Paradise Valley Resort Community — deliberated with the town’s Planning Commission once again to discuss a special use permit amendment for a minimal height increase on five of its buildings. The request, officials say, was more of a formality based on interpretation of […]

Mountain View Medical Center revitalization begins Paradise Valley deliberations

The Paradise Valley Planning Commission will begin its work reviewing plans for a three-phase reconstruction of Mountain View Medical Center, after Town Council approved marching orders earlier this November. Paradise Valley Town Council approved a Statement of Direction for the medical facility with a 6-0 vote on Nov. 15, at Town Hall, 6401 E. Lincoln […]

Hermosa Inn dips toe into new fit of Paradise Valley footprint

Seeking to meet the needs of its guests, Paradise Valley’s Hermosa Inn is looking for town approval for some slight adjustments to the property’s footprint. The Hermosa Inn, 5532 N. Palo Cristi Road, is a beloved resort within the Town of Paradise Valley housed mostly within a residential community. It was annexed into the town […]

Azure: Shea Homes community sign, walls approved for Paradise Valley neighborhood

A monument sign greeting residents and visitors of Shea Homes’ new Paradise Valley residential neighborhood has gained a recommendation vote from the municipality’s Planning Commission. On Dec. 19, 2017, the Paradise Valley Planning Commission approved a minor special use permit amendment for Ritz-Carlton Special Use Permit, Area B for 11-foot high monument walls flanking the […]

Blueprints leading to Villas at Cheney Estates passes Planning Commission rigor

The Town of Paradise Valley planning powers that be have given their collective blessing to the proposed triangle-shaped residential neighborhood abutting Scottsdale Road and Camelback Golf Club. The Planning Commission Oct. 3 approved and recommended approval of several concurrent applications that makes up an eight-lot private residential community coined The Villas at Cheney Estates. The […]

Paradise Valley bicycle master plan carries on municipal process

Paradise Valley planning officials returned to the administrative side of the much-discussed bicycle and pedestrian master plan to take another look at the verbiage to be included. The draft master plan was reviewed in February and minor edits have been made in the months since, town officials say. The Planning Commission went over the goals, […]

Update: Town bike, pedestrian routes analysis diverts back to council

Leaders and planners of the Town of Paradise Valley are plugging-away at the bicycle and pedestrian master plan. In an effort to provide enjoyable bicycle and pedestrian paths for residents, while sufficing the needs of recreational tourists and avid athletes simultaneously, town officials have been immersed in the beginning stages of a master plan. In […]

Town of Paradise Valley looks to claim its own identity

The rest of the world may soon be catching a glimpse of the uniqueness and charm that Town of Paradise Valley residents have come to cherish, as local leaders seek to physically showcase its characteristics. The Paradise Valley Planning Commission met during an Aug. 1 study session at Town Hall, 6401 E. Lincoln Drive, to […]