Paradise Valley’s top cop unveils 2016 annual report

Paradise Valley Police Chief Peter Wingert has released an annual activity report for 2016 highlighting reported crime, traffic accidents, burglary, safety procedures and goals the local police force is implementing to keep Paradise Valley safe. “During the past calendar year, the key word has been planning,” Chief Wingert said in his opening report address. In February 2016, Chief Wingert presented to Paradise Valley Town Council a strategic plan based on Public Safety Task Force recommendations, which the department is continuing working toward completion of the goals outlined within.

Rep. Syms leads charge to close gap of untested rape kits statewide

As of Friday, Jan. 27 there are estimated 1,400 Arizona women who claim to have been raped still awaiting test results police officials say could potentially lead to an arrest. A statewide audit in 2016 revealed over 6,000 untested rape kits — which are biological samples taken from an alleged rape victim sent to a […]

Paradise Valley Town Council OKs legacy alarm system

The Paradise Valley Town Council voted to not give up on the police alarm system utilized by hundreds of residents in an attempt to continue searching for a viable business plan to sustain the service. After several months worth of research and study sessions, the town council voted on the future of the alarm service during its Dec. 1 meeting held at Town Hall, 6401 E. Lincoln Drive.

Paradise Valley continues to mull alarm system overhaul

After a year of discussion, Town of Paradise Valley officials have been presented with the option of altering its hyper-local alarm system or exiting the program all together in order to remain financially stable. Since October 2015 Paradise Valley Town Council has been searching for a way to create a cost-neutral alarm system in order […]

Paradise Valley police continue trek into 21st Century

Installing computers in police cars, placing license-plate readers at town entrances and using social media to quickly connect with residents are just a few examples of the latest technology used by the Paradise Valley Police Department to protect its citizens. A work study session hosted May 12 by the Paradise Valley Council provided the police […]

Paradise Valley Police Department devises new set of marching orders

The Paradise Valley Police Department now has a new set of marching orders. Paradise Valley Police Chief Peter Wingert is to present town council with his strategic plan he contends will provide the department with a five-year road map of where the department is headed in terms of customer service and crime fighting. Paradise Valley […]

Paradise Valley alarm system failure illustrates system update necessity

The Paradise Valley Police Department is moving forward with an overhaul of its existing alarm system. The Town of Paradise Valley has been in the alarm business since 1984 but the hardware and infrastructure has become outdated and on this past New Years Eve the system failed, according to Paradise Valley Police Chief Peter Wingert. […]

Chief Wingert: Paradise Valley police open Temple Solel substation

On Jan. 12, the Paradise Valley Police Department opened a substation at the Temple Solel on McDonald Drive. This grand opening is the second of three substations throughout Paradise Valley that the officers will be able to use. You might remember that in November 2015, we coordinated with the Cherokee Elementary School to open a […]

Chief Wingert: Anti-Theft Dots encouraged in Paradise Valley

Over the course of the past two months, I have been discussing the Paradise Valley Police Department’s Community Armor program in this column.  As a recap, the Community Armor program entails the services we offer that have the ability to keep your residence safe from burglars and thieves through Crime Deterrence, Crime Education, Crime Awareness […]

Chief Wingert: Community Armor Program education and awareness

Last month, I introduced you to a new program offered by the Paradise Valley Police Department, which is called “Community Armor.” The purpose of this crime prevention program is to reduce your susceptibility to the criminal element while you are both at home and on the road. I discussed the crime deterrence portion of the […]