Single-hauler compromise may be in play, Paradise Valley officials say

The great single-hauler trash debate in the Town of Paradise Valley may be over as town officials now contemplate allowing two companies to pick up trash within the town. Paradise Valley Town Council is expected to host a study session Thursday, Feb. 8 on what now appears to be the prospect of a dual-hauler provision […]

We hear you: compromise offered for Paradise Valley single-hauler pursuit

We have supported single-hauler garbage collection reform for all of its clear benefits to our community. It reduces truck traffic, reduces noise and air pollution, and reduces wear-and-tear on our streets. Town staff has done a commendable job recommending the single-hauler solution to town council and we appreciate the effort that all town council members […]

Trash collection in Paradise Valley likely headed to change

The Town of Paradise Valley is seeking to change the way it handles its trash as it discussed a draft proposal for perceived improvements to trash collection during its Thursday, Sept. 8 study session meeting. Among the many points in the plan, which is part of the quality of life initiative, Town Manager Kevin Burke […]