Pursued amendments push back Ritz-Carlton Paradise Valley debut

While many have speculated on it and few have been able to provide concrete answers, Five Star Development officials contend the Ritz-Carlton, Paradise Valley resort community will begin to sprout sometime over the next calendar year. The Paradise Valley special-use permit ā€” approved by a 4 to 3 vote in early 2016 ā€” entitles Five […]

Vision of Paradise Valley Ritz-Carlton development focusing through Scottsdale approval

When Paradise Valley Town Council approved a development agreement with Five Star Development in January 2016 it set into motion efforts that will ultimately lead to the creation of a Ritz-Carlton resort community and subsequent sister retail and hotel project that is now being fully realized. In the last few weeks, two major developments have […]

Frazee: Ritz-Carlton will make Paradise Valley residents proud

Iā€™d like to take a moment and provide our perspective on what the approval of the new Ritz-Carlton project will mean for Paradise Valley, and what residents will see moving forward. As described below, I also want to invite citizens to get involved with our project. We want and need more input now more than […]

Paradise Valley Ritz-Carlton proposal hits snag at Planning Commission

The Paradise Valley Planning Commission met Tuesday, July 7 to discuss traffic, parking and property perimeters and how they fit within the Statement of Direction recently approved by Paradise Valley Town Council on June 11. Planning Commission members met to review rights-of-way, traffic and parking plans for the proposed amendment to the Ritz-Carlton Special Use Permit; however, updated studies were not presented to the commission as expected, town officials say. Despite the lack of updated studies, the Planning Commission listened to what the developers of the Paradise Valley Ritz-Carlton had to say.

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