Paradise Valley power couple among America’s 100 best party hosts

Jason and Jordan Rose made the party list — The Town of Paradise Valley residents are among honorees on The 2018 Salonniere 100: America’s Best Party Hosts. The 2018 Salonniere 100 highlights honorees from 34 cities and 28 states in the U.S., representing a diverse and creative group of men and women with the ability […]

Rose: the virtue of determination and hard work shines brighter than any accolade

Socrates. Plato. Voltaire. Ricky Bobby. ******************************************** My 9-year old son Carson has yet to read the great thoughts of the great philosophers. Or watched the movie Talladega Nights, at least not that I am aware of. “If you’re not first you’re last,” Will Farrell’s lampoonish character, NASCAR driver Ricky Bobby infamously quipped during the movie. […]

Rose: Bad plan for a great town

Mayor Michael Collins often refers to Paradise Valley as the best small town in America. He may be right. Fantastic resorts. No property tax. No power lines. Low density. A beautiful setting. It doesn’t get much better. But there’s another reason too: those who serve on the town council. From captains of industry to educators and entrepreneurs there’s no shortage of talent to make good decisions on the community’s behalf. The current Governor, Doug Ducey, even hails from Paradise Valley.

Every day is Father’s Day, especially this one

Clang. The ball bounced off the rim. I wasn’t too worried. He’d made his first two shots. Twenty-two more to go. He was in the final four of the state free throw shooting championships for a reason. To get here he’d shot 86 percent in previous competitions. He’d even made 26 in a row at […]

Paradise Valley is local government at its finest

Several years ago Paradise Valley streets near Echo Canyon hiking and parking were overrun by cars, even those as far away as 56th Street. On any given spring day hundreds of vehicles would line 56th Street right of way between McDonald and Lincoln. It was a disaster. Our neighborhood asked for this to end, as did others. The response and related efforts turned out to be local government at its very best.