Paradise Valley remains in pursuit of a more defined Hillside safety code

After more than an hour of discussion on a proposed safety section to the hillside code, Paradise Valley Town Council ultimately decided to table the issue until a later date. The conversation that took place earlier this month set out to aid in the protection of the hillside environment and help provide for the safety […]

Hillside removal requests raise questions at Paradise Valley Town Hall

Two residential requests to be removed from the local hillside designation drove the Paradise Valley Town Council down memory lane as local figure heads continue to debate an established decision-making process that appears to be based on a visual look at the mountainsides. Embedded within the bases of both Camelback and Mummy mountains, Paradise Valley […]

Town council has eyes for hillside preservation in Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley Councilwoman Julie Pace got the blessing of the local governing board to reinvigorate the Mummy Mountain Preserve Trust — and explore preserving additional acreage on all town hillsides. During a Thursday, Oct. 12 study session, Paradise Valley Town Council discussed hillside preservation options, with Ms. Pace leading the charge on the efforts. The […]