$400,000 raised at Brighter Tomorrow Hope Luncheon fundraiser

In their inaugural combined fundraising luncheon, Jewish Family & Children’s Service and Sojourner Center raised $400,000 at its Brighter Tomorrow Hope Luncheon, held Friday, March 2 at the Arizona Biltmore. The luncheon was attended by more than 500 people, and focused specifically on domestic violence awareness, according to a press release. The luncheon’s keynote speaker […]

Terror in the home: Local resources available to help victims of domestic abuse

Once drunk, there was no telling where the evening would go for young mother and wife, Martha Kuhn, when alcohol was the vehicle in which her husband chose to navigate through his personal sorrow. Yelling, grabbing, hitting — it was all fair game to the abusive alcoholic. Struggling to keep herself between her husband and her son’s bedroom door, Ms. Kuhn fought back so that her husband couldn’t get into the young boy’s room. His motive that evening was to take the sleeping child and put him into the car and drive away.