The Independent Interview: Dawn Marie Buckland

Paradise Valley Director of Administration & Government Affairs Dawn Marie Buckland is a municipal jack of all trades, but her breadth of knowledge and expertise challenges the notion of a master of none. Prior to her career as a municipal employee that first started in the Town of Gilbert and has now blossomed at the […]

An overview of the expenditure limit in Paradise Valley

Arizona’s expenditure limitation laws ensure that you, the voter, decide the level of local government that is right for your community. On Nov. 8, Paradise Valley voters will be given the choice to permanently adjust the expenditure base. The original limitation sets the base at the amount that was budgeted in fiscal year 1979-80, then […]

Paradise Valley likely to pursue increase to wastewater fees

The Town of Paradise Valley appears likely to pursue a wastewater fee increase that could go into effect as soon as July. Paradise Valley Town Council Thursday, April 14 hosted a study session on the results of a recent wastewater rate study conducted by Pat Walker Consulting where members of council gave the proverbial head […]

Burke offers fiscal year 2016-17 Paradise Valley municipal budget

Paradise Valley Town Manager Kevin Burke has presented town council his recommended budget for fiscal year 2016-17. The local governing board got its first glance at the financial document Thursday, March 10 during a 4-hour work session discussion at Town Hall, 6401 E. Lincoln Drive. Mr. Burke’s recommended budget includes a total amount spent to […]