Chief Wingert: Community Armor Program education and awareness

Last month, I introduced you to a new program offered by the Paradise Valley Police Department, which is called “Community Armor.” The purpose of this crime prevention program is to reduce your susceptibility to the criminal element while you are both at home and on the road. I discussed the crime deterrence portion of the […]

Paradise Valley Police Department launches Community Armor Program

If there was a program that could reduce your susceptibility to criminal activity, would you use it? The Paradise Valley Police Department has implemented a program called, Community Armor. The program’s tenets include crime deterrence, crime education, crime awareness and crime recovery. Each of the services the Paradise Valley Police Department offers falls into one of these categories. If a community member would like to join the Community Armor Program, and decrease their overall susceptibility to falling victim to a criminal occurrence, the citizen can partner with the Paradise Valley Police Department in the Community Armor program. This column will concentrate on the Crime Deterrence piece of the Community Armor