Work of Charmagne Coe debuts at Chartreuse Gallery

Chartreuse Gallery has announced the presentation of “The Reaches,” the solo exhibition of expressive surrealist Charmagne Coe, curated by Nicole Royse. “The Reaches” reflects the artist’s interests in universality, and the intermingling existences of humans, their structures, flora and fauna and how they form an ever-changing mesh, according to a press release. “This is captured […]

Daniel Shepherd brings unique style to Chartreuse Gallery

Chartreuse Gallery, 1301 NW Grand Ave. in Phoenix, will present Pretty/Creepy: The Dainty Little Freak Show Part 2, the solo exhibition of Daniel Shepherd curated by Nicole Royse. Two years ago, the first installation of the Dainty Little Freak Show by Mr. Shepherd premiered in Bokeh Gallery at the monOrchid curated by Ms. Royse. They […]