The Independent Interview: Q&A with District 28 Rep. Aaron Lieberman

The Town of Paradise Valley finds itself a part of Arizona Legislative District 28 — spanning from Union Hills to Thomas Road, and from Interstate 17 to just east of Scottsdale Road Paradise Valley son, Aaron Lieberman, a Democrat, is a freshman Representative at the Arizona Legislature replacing Maria Syms, a Republican, at the state […]

SB 1249 seeks statewide LGBT equality at Arizona Legislature

On Tuesday, Jan. 29 a group of bipartisan legislators introduced Senate Bill 1249 at the Arizona Legislature, which proponents contend will extend workplace, housing and public accommodation non-discrimination protections for those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. Proponents of LGBT equality contend this is the second consecutive year a LGBT inclusive non-discrimination bill […]

Paradise Valley readies legislative marching orders for 2019 season

A curtail to construction sales tax remits, the annual political chagrin surrounding photo radar and the impacts of SB 1350 on local neighborhoods top the list of statewide legislative issue Paradise Valley leaders have their eyes on. Paradise Valley Town Council Thursday, Oct. 25 were presented to by Deputy Town Manager Dawn Marie Buckland and […]

Lieberman: we need to elect leaders who will work together to get something done

This city made me who I am. Growing up here, it didn’t matter who your family was or what part of town you lived in. All that mattered was how you acted. I didn’t realize it at the time, but our politicians down at the state house were demonstrating that same attitude. Democrats and Republicans […]

Syms: I continue to fight for equitable education funding statewide

Since serving as your state Representative since 2016, I have been a consistent voice in favor of more public education funding. Specifically, in my meetings with leadership and the Governor, I have repeatedly advocated the need for increased teacher pay in order to attract and retain quality teachers for our children. I am proud that […]

Arizona Legislature budget includes $2M for arts statewide

The $10.4 billion fiscal year 2019 budget passed by the Arizona Legislature includes a $2 million appropriation to the Arizona Commission on the Arts. Derived from interest accrued on the state’s Rainy-day Fund, this allocation will not increase overall state spending, according to a press release. “This $2 million allocation acknowledges the vital role that […]

Syms: grow up and stop the bad behavior at the Arizona Legislature

Misuse and abuse of power and the public trust is wrong. Sexual innuendo and objectification of peers, colleagues, staff and the public through common jokes, offensive remarks, unwanted touching, sexual misconduct with subordinates and retaliation have no place in the professional workplace. Period. And yet, here we are caught up in a swirl of accusations, […]

Syms: a full report on my efforts at the Arizona Legislature

Sine Die. That is the new Latin phrase I learned that signaled the end of my first session as your Representative at the Arizona State House. For the past five months, I have reviewed, debated and voted on hundreds of bills on topics ranging from job growth and expanding educational choices for parents to criminal […]

Shipley: HB 2404 is bad for democracy in Arizona

In 2013, HB 2305 famously changed the signature requirements of candidate campaigns such that new political parties like Libertarians and Greens would find it difficult, and in some cases numerically impossible, to place their candidates on the ballots. This was passed by a Republican Legislature to guard their legislative majority, but when a coalition came […]

On the record: LD 28 legislators vote against photo radar repeal

Proposed legislation at the Arizona Capitol to abolish photo radar from local streets has passed the House of Representatives and is now at the Arizona Senate listed as “engrossed.” Republican Rep. Travis Grantham of Gilbert proposed House Bill 2525 and it passed in the Arizona House by a 32-28 margin Thursday, Feb. 23 giving the idea of outlawing photo radar more credence heading into the Arizona Senate. The bill today is undergoing the amendment process typically referred to as “engrossed” by local lawmakers as the first read of the bill at the Senate went through its second read Wednesday, March 1.