Syms: a full report on my efforts at the Arizona Legislature

Sine Die. That is the new Latin phrase I learned that signaled the end of my first session as your Representative at the Arizona State House. For the past five months, I have reviewed, debated and voted on hundreds of bills on topics ranging from job growth and expanding educational choices for parents to criminal […]

Syms tenders resignation at Paradise Valley Town Council

Hours before ringing in the new year, a one-page letter of resignation came across the desk of Paradise Valley Mayor Michael Collins. After a 13-year run volunteering for the Town of Paradise Valley, most notably advocating for the community’s public safety, Councilwoman Maria Syms has turned in her resignation. Just one month after publicly stating […]

Syms: I will embrace, thrive in dual legislative roles at capitol and at home

Paradise Valley Councilwoman Maria Syms says she intends to finish out her term on town council. Councilwoman Syms was elected to the Arizona House of Representatives to represent Legislative District 28 at the Nov. 8 general election, beating out fellow Republican candidate and Town Council member Mary Hamway. Democrat Kelli Butler of Paradise Valley was […]

Alexander: O’Connor critiques are ‘factual misstatements and tired allegations’

In reading Mr. O’Connor’s opinion in support of Mary Hamway for the Arizona Legislative District 28 race for the Arizona House of Representatives, I expected to read positive statements about Ms. Hamway’s experience, her political ideologies, and her plan if elected. Instead, I read a statement full of factual misstatements and tired allegations from elections […]

Simpson: Scott O’Connor attacks are inaccurate, misleading

To start with, I had nothing to do with the hit piece on Mary Hamway. In fact, I gave all money in the PAC to another, independent expenditure group last August because I wanted out of the PAC business.  I never consulted or met with the group the sponsored the hit piece on Mary. As […]

Syms: Scott O’Connor’s personal attacks against me are lies

You will read in this paper a very personal and false attack from Scott O’Connor against me. Scott’s vicious personal attacks never reference a single shred of evidence. He should be ashamed for taking such a low road but it certainly isn’t his first time. I am proud of my more than 12 years of […]

Hamway: it’s been an honor to serve the Town of Paradise Valley

It has been an honor and a pleasure to serve on the Paradise Valley Town Council for 10 years. My last council meeting will be Dec. 15 and it is with a full heart that I leave this service. As you may know, I am running for state Representative for Legislative District 28 and I […]

O’Connor: Hamway deserves your support on Arizona House pursuit

In the Arizona Legislative District 28 race, two current Town of Paradise Valley Council members are running of the Arizona House of Representatives, Maria Syms and Mary Hamway. Both are Republicans. There is one Democrat in the race, Kelli Butler. You might think that the two council colleagues, both members of the same party, would […]

Arizona House LD28 candidates share thoughts on economic development policy

Three Paradise Valley candidates are pursuing two seats to represent Legislative District 28 in the House of Representatives at the Arizona Legislature in the Nov. 8 general election. The local candidates are: Kelli Butler, a democrat; and Mary Hamway and Maria Syms, who are both republicans. Ms. Hamway and Ms. Syms have both held elected […]

Syms: what I can bring to the table at the Arizona House of Representatives

“Why would a nice woman like you want to get involved in politics?”   This is the No. 1 question I have been asked over the past six months of door knocking for my grassroots campaign for Arizona House in our Legislative District 28. Given the negative rhetoric in our national politics, I can understand […]