Guardado: thanks for the consideration of Republic Services

Despite not being able to agree to all of the contractual terms laid out by the Paradise Valley Town Council, our company wanted to express our gratitude to your readers for the opportunity to explore contemplated changes to the town’s recycling and waste collection system. While we understand the town’s approach, we ultimately could not […]

Dembow: get out there and have the Paradise Valley resort experience!

I penned an article for the 50th Anniversary of the Town of Paradise Valley. I highlighted our local resort community. The amount of changes in the past six years is nothing short of epic! I wondered if our community was aware of all the wonderful places they can go in their town. Give your local […]

We hear you: compromise offered for Paradise Valley single-hauler pursuit

We have supported single-hauler garbage collection reform for all of its clear benefits to our community. It reduces truck traffic, reduces noise and air pollution, and reduces wear-and-tear on our streets. Town staff has done a commendable job recommending the single-hauler solution to town council and we appreciate the effort that all town council members […]

Scire: Stripping Paradise Valley trash choices will be costly to residents

The Jan. 25, 2018 council meeting on single hauler trash has created further consternation, indecisiveness, filibustering, and a bogus continuation that all appears to be a strategy for wearing down the peoples’ objection. Deep-seated liberal council members are trying to force feed us their socialistic monopoly designed to consolidate Paradise Valley homeowners’ financial resources to […]

Najafi: overzealous building officials are drawback of living in Paradise

If I said to you that your local government — or any government — wanted to fight you in order to change the address of your home; how would you react? Pretty angry I might imagine. Unfortunately, this was just one of many ordeals my wife and I had to endure as we built a […]

Burke: RAD contract savings assertion lacks inflationary realization

I read with interest the letter from Jeremy Takas. I received a similar one early this week although he raises some different points in this article. Before I address Mr. Takas’ points, let me say that RAD is an outstanding trash hauler. So much so, that their proposal ranked second in the Town of Paradise […]

LeMarr: take the time & get Paradise Valley single-hauler done

One of the great honors of my life was serving as the mayor of Paradise Valley. And, during my tenure one of my proudest accomplishments was the unanimous approval to revitalize the moribund Mountain Shadows site. It wasn’t easy. In fact, it was probably the most difficult land use entitlement case any of us on […]

Takas: Right Away Disposal offers a better deal than Republic Services

Right Away Disposal appreciates the opportunity to bid on the Town of Paradise Valley’s RFP for a single-hauler for trash and recycling services. We also understand the importance of this decision and how it will affect the many residents of the Town of Paradise Valley for years to come. As Arizona’s largest privately-owned trash company, […]

Simpson: Paradise Valley single-hauler deal ought to have resident input

Seems to be the hot topic in PV these days. Actually, considering a single provider to pick up our trash is an old recurring topic town council has decided to revisit — with a new twist. Did anyone know how controversial this topic would be? Certainly Dorothy Smith knew. Many years ago she tried to […]

Yates: Fountain Hills single-hauler lesson could be helpful for Paradise Valley

In 2011 there was an intense debate in Fountain Hills to reform trash collection. Voices were raised. Tensions were high. And, there was plenty of high-profile opposition. I understand a similar debate is now going on in Paradise Valley. I wanted to provide some information about how well the reform has worked in Fountain Hills, […]