Andeen: volunteering with the Paradise Valley Police Department, join us!

I love serving our town as a Paradise Valley Police Volunteer. The experiences are rewarding and the friendships long-lasting. And, I feel great about doing something good for our town residents and the police department. And, volunteering is an exciting diversion from my day job as a senior account executive in the financial services industry. […]

Collins: Time of change for the office of town manager

This week Town Manager Kevin Burke announced that he has accepted an offer of employment from a municipality across town, and provided 60-day notice as required by his contract. Their gain is our loss but also an opportunity for both. Some of you may recall that Kevin was hired in 2014 to replace the retiring […]

Tour the Town: my five lessons in photography

While documenting my Tour the Town journey on Facebook, I knew pictures would make the posts more interesting. Except I’m not a photographer. Pre-digital photography, I was the one standing at the Walgreens counter with the sad look on my face as I rifled though the packet of photo duds in my envelope. Fortunately digital […]

Thomasson: walking every mile of the Town of Paradise Valley

We do live in paradise. In early April I decided that walking every one of our 144 miles of our town would be a great way to enjoy and learn more about our town On most days, I pick my route, leash up one of my three German Shepherds — Echo, Layla or Elsa — […]

Syms: I continue to fight for equitable education funding statewide

Since serving as your state Representative since 2016, I have been a consistent voice in favor of more public education funding. Specifically, in my meetings with leadership and the Governor, I have repeatedly advocated the need for increased teacher pay in order to attract and retain quality teachers for our children. I am proud that […]

Kilpatrick: Doubletree Ranch Road deserves resident scrutiny

I attended the April 25 public meeting on the planned beautification of Doubletree Ranch Road. After listening to the presentation and comments by the residents, it is obvious to me there are a number of issues that deserve further research and additional input by the town residents. For example, the expensive project does not address […]

Dr. Smolens: How to Identify the Warning Signs of Stroke Before It’s Too Late

Approximately every 40 seconds, someone in the United States has a stroke. Stroke —a condition that impacts the arteries leading to and within the brain—is a leading cause of disability in the country and the No. 5 cause of death. It is important to learn the risk factors associated with stroke, along with warning signs […]

Bien-Willner: Paradise Valley deserves the best leadership possible for a bright future

When you take a step back and think about it, we are truly privileged to live in a remarkable community. It’s a place where the incredible beauty of our scenery is matched by an unparalleled quality of life, and where we have found a balance between responsible growth and unique character. Ours is one of […]

It’s time to turn up the heat on summer tourism in Arizona

By Jason Rose and Chris Giles Special to the Independent It’s always best to have a business that stays busy all year long. That’s not the case for one of the most important sectors of Arizona’s economy. In the Phoenix area and beyond, tourism takes a sharp nosedive during the summer. A big reason for […]

Why the Town of Paradise Valley cannot afford to ‘ride it out’

Many of you have been seeing the colorful rental bikes being left all over our streets, sidewalks and even at times in the front yards of our residents. A bicycle-sharing system, or bike-share program, that we all have been experiencing of late is nothing new to the United States but it is a new experience […]