In response: Cycling in Paradise Valley

The Tuesday morning ride from Gainey Shoppes originated in 2001 as a group ride for triathletes at Gainey Village Health Club on Doubletree Ranch Road. The group grew over the years, as many of the better cyclists came to ride with others of similar talent and has included professional cyclists and triathletes, but is mainly […]

Pace: Phoenix Zoo and Paradise Valley connections fused forever

A Paradise Valley Arts Committee road trip to the Phoenix Zoo on April 26 celebrated the reuse of the stained glass panels the town removed from the Leona Helmsley house demolition in 2007. The town stored them for 10 years until a home could be found among the wild animals in a building designed specifically […]

Kiburz: Good fences make good neighbors

I am responding to Mr. Anton’s Point of View column on April 17. I truly appreciate the difficult path he traveled in recovering from a horrible traffic accident. The YouTube video referenced in his column should be seen by anyone ever tempted to check their phone while driving. I’m also a trauma survivor and I […]

Bien-Willner: An update on Paradise Valley happenings from the mayor

Dear friends and neighbors: I am pleased to provide you with an update on some of the issues we’ve been working on, and will do so on a periodic basis going forward with the goal of increasing transparency, communication, and engagement for everyone interested in the great Town of Paradise Valley. PV is safe I […]

Anton: Paradise Valley Medical Plaza helped heal me in my time of need

As a result of a tragic automobile accident, see YouTube (James Anton Distracted Driving), I know what it is like to seek medical solutions from Texas to California. Without a doubt, my best find was right here in our town at Paradise Valley Medical Plaza. Dr. Terry Maffi and his staff treated my severely scarred […]

Wirth: Paradise Valley photo radar is an unprofitable, negative program

Fellow Residents of TPV: As with many other TPV longtime residents, I have long felt that the benefits of the RoboCop photo traffic system are far outweighed by the negatives. The police department and mayor may feel that an intrusive spy camera on each corner and mobile lowers speed, but the cost is greater than […]

Alvey: As times change cities, shopping centers need to work more closely together

As more shopping goes online the dynamic continues to have profound impacts for Arizona cities and towns. That’s because the tax structure in this state means local sales tax revenue is the most critical source for funding community needs, parks, police and fire protection. So as shopping center and automobile sales become impacted, two huge […]

Thomasson: Thank you for your input on Sanctuary Resort

The Sanctuary’s request to add to their Casa III House has generated a great deal of very valuable discussion about the impact of a terrace and additional rooms generating noise from events on the neighborhood. I have learned a lot over the last month and very much appreciate the honest, thoughtful and passionate feedback many […]

Brown: What is the PV Public Safety Fair teaching children?

Regarding Julie Pace’s PV Public Safety Fair mission, I needed to know if the Paradise Valley Police Department mission for the kids to learn how to solve is based on the Howard Brown violent death from Councilman Paul Dembow’s adult daughter Paige, a few years ago while walking his dog. It is more than apparent […]

Singhal: Paradise Valley home owners will suffer if Sanctuary SUP is approved

To me, this is the classic slippery slope story of “no good deed goes unpunished.” The Sanctuary has in effect, taken the rope given it by the Town, and weaved it into a web which may soon include ruining the lives of peaceful families who have made the town what it is. My wife’s March […]