Najafi: new Paradise Valley administration ought to foster service-oriented leadership

I, for one, am very happy to see Paradise Valley getting a new town manager. As the pool of applicants narrows and the current mayor, incoming mayor, and the rest of the town council focus on who should run our local government, I wanted to provide some advice, based on a terrible experience. I am […]

Mood: The ins and outs of storm drainage, wash maintenance

On Tuesday, Oct. 2 the Town of Paradise Valley experienced heavy rainfall in the wake of Hurricane Rosa. The Maricopa County weather station near the intersection of Tatum and Shea boulevards recorded a 24-hour rainfall total of 3.70 inches. The weather station at the Paradise Valley Country Club recorded 3.39 inches and the weather station […]

Glassman: Restoring trust in the Arizona Corporation Commission

As an Eagle Scout, husband, father, and attorney, holding my PhD in Arid Land Resource Sciences (water) and serving as a Major in the United States Air Force JAG Corps Reserve, I am deeply concerned about the future of Arizona. That’s why I am running for the Corporation Commission. The Commission was created as our […]

Collins: pursuit of Capital Projects Committee meant to help better inform community

Thank you to those residents who have participated in neighborhood meetings and discussions about the planned improvements along East Doubletree Ranch Road. Many of you living along this stretch of road have voiced concern over specifics of the proposed project as well as the lack of opportunity to participate earlier and more often in the […]

Shoen: your newspaper supports slow death of legacy Paradise Valley housing stock

Your article on the 2012 Paradise Valley General Plan praises a wide range of PV commercial development and includes Mayor Collin’s statement, “the East Lincoln South Development Area represents the final phase of our very successful resort property redevelopment program.” This is not the final phase, because PV’s tax model requires unending commercial development to […]

Snyder: Doubletree Road project in Paradise Valley has my full support

After reading in the Independent about the town meeting discussing the Doubletree Road Capital Improvement Plan, I felt compelled to write you all in support of what is proposed. My family and I live in Camelback Country Estates Unit 1, basically the SEC of Invergordon and Doubletree. To be frank I was amazed about the […]

Lieberman: we need to elect leaders who will work together to get something done

This city made me who I am. Growing up here, it didn’t matter who your family was or what part of town you lived in. All that mattered was how you acted. I didn’t realize it at the time, but our politicians down at the state house were demonstrating that same attitude. Democrats and Republicans […]

Strom: for Lincoln Development be bold and think outside the box

I attended the Town Council meeting last Thursday, Sept. 13 and observed the presentations for the south side of Lincoln from Applewood to the medical center. The town has a great opportunity to significantly improve the south side, but it takes the applicant, town staff, Planning Commission, and Town Council to be bold and think […]

Butler: Arizona Legislature health care debate loses sight of humanity

Lately, the conversations I have with my neighbors are not about Democrats or Republicans — but instead we talk about the chaos they see in our state legislature, and how worried we all are about the future of our state. The issue at the top of their mind? Access to quality and affordable health care […]

Anton: where are my political yard signs?

While attending a political gathering last Saturday, I was approached by one of our former vice-mayors with the question: “Where are your yard signs? One of your competitors has them all over our town and at the entrances from Phoenix and Scottsdale!” My response, offered many times over, is that I have no intention of […]