Brown: Dembow actions are unbecoming of an elected leader of Paradise Valley

Mayor Collins, councilmen, and woman my name is Judith Brown. I’m the third daughter of Howard Lee Brown as some of you may know was killed by Councilman Paul Dembow’s daughter while exiting the road by a mere 12 inches walking our little Shih Tzu on a Sunday afternoon three years ago. Thank you Mr. […]

Andeen: A sentiment of gratitude through service to Paradise Valley

Thank you to the Paradise Valley Police Department & Volunteers! Please consider becoming a Volunteer. Throughout my tenure as a Paradise Valley Police Department volunteer, I have been very specific with my reason for serving so here is “why” I donated my time and effort as a volunteer. I can assure you it was not […]

Lacy: In response to Mr. Dembow’s account of the Howard Brown tragedy

You call yourself a leader Mr. Dembow, but I find that you lack true leadership, in your letter to the public that asks for a fellow councilman to step down. A true leader shows strength, compassion, enthusiasm, and vision — and most importantly humility. I have yet to see compassion and humility in you. You […]

Anton: A word of thanks, salute to the Town of Paradise Valley

My name is James Anton. Yes, one of your Planning Commissioners, and the one who crashed and burned in 2012 (see “james anton distracted driving” on you tube). Most recently, you may remember me as the guy that was defeated in his run for our Town Council by his neighbor Paul Dembow. While losing a […]

Dembow: Why I am seeking the resignation of a fellow elected leader

Three years ago today, on a rainy overcast day, Town resident Howard Brown stepped off the curb directly in front of my daughter’s car. Mr. Brown died the next day. The Brown family’s attorney filed, what is known as a shotgun lawsuit. They sued 17 entities including, my daughter, me, the Town, the investigating officers, […]

Gallagher: An attempt to understand the Doubletree conjecture in Paradise Valley

How did the east Doubletree improvement project come off the rails and why? To understand what has happened and why you need to start from the beginning as most don’t understand why this CIP is not being approved by the council. So, all is clear this CIP is intended to make the section of Doubletree […]

Barry: The pending Doubletree Ranch Road disaster in the Town of Paradise Valley

On Thursday, Dec. 6, Paradise Valley Town Council will vote on whether to spend $3,300,000 to construct a new Doubletree Ranch Road from Invergordon to Scottsdale roads. The only reason for the vote on Dec. 6 is because this will be the last council meeting that Mayor Collins will serve as mayor. These were his […]

Jorden: A salute to the preservation of historical properties in Paradise

The Town of Paradise Valley was incorporated in 1961, but its roots go back long before that. Camelback Inn, El Chorro, and Hermosa Inn were around decades before the town was conceived. After WW II and continuing into the 1950s, increased development activity put pressure on the area’s one-house-per-acre lifestyle. The desire to protect that […]

Shufelt: Do you know where your charitable dollars go?

I recently visited one of my favorite family-owned restaurants in North Phoenix to pick up a take-out meal. Walking up to the front door — on a Friday night, I passed a table not unlike those set up by Boy Scouts or girls’ choirs soliciting a few dollars from patrons passing by — this table […]

Norton: Remembering ‘Those Who Bear the Burden’

One hundred years ago, this Veteran’s Day, the guns of the Great War fell silent across Europe, and the doughboys started coming home. It was at the 11th hour of the 11th day, of the 11th month of 1918, that World War I — “the war to end all wars” — ended. This defining war […]