Butler: Arizona Legislature health care debate loses sight of humanity

Lately, the conversations I have with my neighbors are not about Democrats or Republicans — but instead we talk about the chaos they see in our state legislature, and how worried we all are about the future of our state. The issue at the top of their mind? Access to quality and affordable health care […]

Anton: where are my political yard signs?

While attending a political gathering last Saturday, I was approached by one of our former vice-mayors with the question: “Where are your yard signs? One of your competitors has them all over our town and at the entrances from Phoenix and Scottsdale!” My response, offered many times over, is that I have no intention of […]

Scire: signs, signs everywhere signs

Those were the lyrics in the song made a hit by the ‘Five Man Electrical Band’ in the ‘70s. Apparently this is Anna Thomasson’s favorite song. There is not another candidate running for office in Paradise Valley who believes in sign pollution. In fact there is not another candidate for office in Paradise Valley who […]

Andeen: growing up on the friendly streets of the 85253

I fell in love with Mummy Mountain as a child. I fell in love with Paradise Valley as a child. How could I not? I grew up living on the side of Mummy Mountain. I’ve walked, hiked and ridden my horse on this mountain. I had childhood friends who would ride horses to our house […]

Collins: Paradise Valley in good hands under guise of Mr. Dalke

After interviewing and considering several candidates for the position, this past Wednesday Paradise Valley Town Council and I made the decision to appoint Mr. Brian Dalke as interim town manager. Mr. Dalke will replace outgoing Town Manager Kevin Burke who is leaving us this month for a professional opportunity across the Valley. Brian is expected […]

Why there is so much support for one mayoral candidate

We are writing today to tell you more about our respected friend and colleague, Jerry Bien-Willner, who will serve as the next Mayor of our Town, and why we’re so excited to work with Jerry as the Mayor moving forward! When Jerry announced his intentions to run for Mayor, we were thrilled to offer our […]

Dr. Smolens: beat the heat and stay safe this summer

The temperatures have reached the three digits and kids are out of school. This could only mean one thing: summer is finally here! And while we all enjoy soaking up the sun, it’s important to protect our health when temperatures rise. Taking simple steps — such as wearing well-ventilated shoes and avoiding the sun when […]

Thomasson: raising future guide dogs offers a fun volunteer opportunity

Imagine getting a smart, adorable, 8-week-old puppy, being able to take it with you everywhere you go and getting free obedience lessons for a year and half? Welcome to puppy raising a future guide dog for the blind. Walking around town with one of my dogs, I’m often asked about puppy raising guide dogs. There […]

Tour the Town: my five favorite pieces of Paradise Valley art

When I’m talking with a cell center representative at some far-away location giving them my address, occasionally the rep will ask, “Is it really Paradise?” My Midwestern-self will fill with self-consciousness as I meekly say, “Well, yes, actually, it is.” When people ask why Paradise Valley is special, it hard to name just one reason. […]

Anton: I have officially announced my Paradise Valley candidacy

With great pride I, James Anton, announce my candidacy for the Paradise Valley Town Council. As a 33-year resident and serving as a member of the Paradise Valley Planning Commission, I have obtained even greater respect for our wonderful community and the many volunteers that allow us to maintain the quality of life we all […]