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Scire: signs, signs everywhere signs

Those were the lyrics in the song made a hit by the ‘Five Man Electrical Band’ in the ‘70s. Apparently this is Anna Thomasson’s favorite song.

Tony Scire

There is not another candidate running for office in Paradise Valley who believes in sign pollution. In fact there is not another candidate for office in Paradise Valley who has posted one sign. It is obvious to me the other candidates understand what Anna Thomasson is using as her punch line “Keeping Paradise Valley, Paradise Valley” means. They don’t trash our views with signs.

Anna Thomasson has out spent all the other candidates combined. Clearly we have a candidate with blind ambition who is trying to ‘buy’ her seat. Who is paying for all the signs and promotion? They say money can’t buy happiness… Let’s hope it can’t buy an election. We don’t need someone as out of touch with our town as “Put up another sign” Anna Thomasson!

Editor’s note: Mr. Scire is a resident of the Town of Paradise Valley