Paradise Valley Independent

Anton: where are my political yard signs?

While attending a political gathering last Saturday, I was approached by one of our former vice-mayors with the question: “Where are your yard signs? One of your competitors has them all over our town and at the entrances from Phoenix and Scottsdale!”

James Anton

My response, offered many times over, is that I have no intention of cluttering up our beautiful town nor surrounding cities with yard signs.
As a member of our Paradise Valley Planning Commission having just spent many hours working on our Visually Significant Corridors plan,

I would be embarrassed to then go and detract from the beautiful roadways we are committed to protecting.

Just because the Arizona Legislature in 2011 removed our town’s ability to restrict campaign signs does not mean that we should create a carnival atmosphere in Paradise Valley.

It is my belief our voters will elect those who have a history of service to our community and not be swayed by those who spend the most money on advertising.

Editor’s note: Mr. Anton is a resident of the Town of Paradise Valley and is in pursuit of a seat on town council at Aug. 28 election.