Paradise Valley residents weigh pros, cons of single-hauler trash contract

The Town of Paradise Valley appears poised to consider the adoption of a single-hauler trash and recyclable ordinance for resident rubbish needs. (File Photo)

While the Town of Paradise Valley touts itself as a model of limited government, its local governing board is embarking upon the creation of municipal rules determining how, when and by whom local rubbish can be delivered to local landfills.

Paradise Valley Town Council last month discussed the parameters of negotiated terms for a seven year, single-trash-hauler contract won by Republic Services following a bid process evaluated by a five-person panel at Town Hall.

The Town of Paradise Valley historically has a free-market system offering residents the ability to choose their own trash hauler. Today, trash outfits providing service in the Town of Paradise Valley include Area Disposal, Right Away Disposal, Republic Services, Scott Waste Services and Waste Management.

Every few years the idea of how trash is collected and carried away from the Town of Paradise Valley permeates through the minds of elected leaders whereas this latest iteration began with an April 2016 Community Conversation.

Then, a change in ordinance last October, which precipitated the issuance of a formal bid for one company to take over the municipal rubbish needs. On July 6, 2017 a formal request for proposals was issued by the Town of Paradise Valley with responses hitting Town Hall Sept. 6, 2017, officials say.

Paradise Valley Town Council is expected to launch a public relations campaign alerting residents to its plans on exploring the single-hauler contract culminated by a 4 p.m. Community Conversation Thursday, Jan. 25 at Town Hall.

Residents reached out to the Independent to let their voices heard on where they stood on the prospect of a single-hauler trash and recycle ordinance being developed by town leaders. This is what they had to say:

Leave my trash
service alone!

My wife and I have been residents of PV for 38 years, and have enjoyed our residency.
When I recently read about the effort to limit the trash pickup providers, my first thought was someone is being bribed — money is changing hands — someone is selling us residents down the river.

The process of selecting a single provider will cause the bidders to bid as low as possible so as to not go bankrupt. As soon after the contract is awarded the chosen provider will have an excuse to charge an extra fee or service charge because of some event.

The council will agree and the game is on.

Every six months or so there will be a new homeowner charge; whether it’s a fuel charge, a dump fee, and environmental fee, a plastic disposal fee or any other of a thousand excuses to raise rates to homeowners. After agreeing to the first fee increase, the council will be forced to agree to all future requests.

Those seeking a single provider want to live in some kind of utopia where they don’t have to look at service trucks. A single provider will not have fewer trucks than now travel the streets of Paradise Valley. There is a somewhat fixed amount of trash that has to be removed and whether it’s one provider or multiple providers — there will be the same number of trucks.  The only difference being — they will all have the same name plastered on their truck.

Republic Services provided my trash service from 1992 to just recently. Their billing practices were extremely aggressive — fees and charges — and the individuals the company put on the line to deal with customers were seriously lacking in knowledge and ability. After canceling service, it took multiple phone calls to correct their billing and almost three months to remove their dumpster.

I have switched to Waste Management and been a satisfied customer. I would deplore the possibility that I couldn’t change service providers in the event it would be in my best interest. Free enterprise works best when you let it operate in a competitive environment.

Please don’t mess with something that works perfectly.

Joe Contadino
Paradise Valley

I am in for

I am a new PV homeowner and just received an “important message” from concerned citizens on your RFP for a sole-source waste provider.

I want to go on record as whole heartedly supporting allowing “our” government to use its buying power and clout in finding a sole-source provider and then holding them accountable to the terms and conditions of that contract. I would recommend no more than a three-year contract to allow a reoccurring competitive bid to take place. I was amazed after moving from central Phoenix, where C.O.P. was the sole source garbage provider, the amount of noise, traffic, and unsightly clutter that almost everyday garbage pick-up from at least three providers provided.

My residence in Tatum Canyon neighborhood is filled with the sound of garbage trucks climbing the hill on a daily basis. Banding our entire community together will provide the type of buying power and clout that none of us gets when we call to start a new service individually.

I don’t think we clamor for multiple water vendors, gas or electric providers, or cable services, some things are best provided in a regulated monopolistic structure and garbage would fit into that arena for me.

Thanks for your service and count me in the “for” camp!

Howard Nute
Paradise Valley

Competition always
breeds excellence

Competitive private collection is almost always better and cheaper, except when there an expensive infrastructure makes a barrier to entry. The market decides who survives and who doesn’t.

Bob Hannay
Paradise Valley

Single-source trash
service makes sense

I completely support the move to a single-trash-hauler service. I find it unsightly to see trash cans on the streets of our town every single day of the week since the various haulers have different pick up days. And I tire of hearing the loud trucks on my street every day picking up said trash cans.

Plus, all of those heavy trucks on our streets only serves to wear out our streets earlier than need be.
The responses from PV citizens claiming a Big Brother attitude are evidently out of touch with what Big Brother really means and with what most other cities across the country do with their trash.

Stick with the idea of a single-hauler service. Noise is reduced. The streets are less cluttered. It’s better on the roads. Tell the whiners to get a life.

Larry Winget
Paradise Valley

Free society supports
free market system

The basis for a free and democratic society lies in the right of the people to govern and make the decisions surrounding their life.

This includes with whom they do business and how they spend monies that are their own. These decisions are to be made by each of us not by a privileged few foisting their wishes upon us as would a dictator. What is it you are attempting to do by forcing each of the citizens of Paradise Valley to purchase your choice of services rather allow each individual the right to make his/her own decision?

In perverting the rights of those you were elected to serve, you pervert the entire concept of democracy and individual free thought. This is not about trash service. This is about your attempt to pervert free thinking peoples and dictate their actions. Now you must decide who you most resemble. Are you more Ben Franklin or Greg Stanton and what will you forcing upon us next?

Mike Crook
Paradise Valley

New approach to TPV
trash collection needed

I support one trash hauler for the town of PV.

It will mean less noise and less wear and tear on our streets. It will provide a more attractive town without trash cans sitting out every single day. It is no different than gated communities who select one hauler. Actually the town is kind of like a bigger gated community in many ways with the town council being the elected board of directors.

Those who complain about the “removal of choice” are likely the same people who complain about neighbors not complying with town ordinances. Kind of ironic.

Rose Mary Winget
Paradise Valley

I like my trash
service; why change?

I have been very pleased with the service and people of Area Disposal, and would greatly regret losing my relationship with them.

Area Disposal have served my parents and me for as long as I can remember, maybe going back to the ‘80s.
Area Disposal has always been very personable on the phone. Their drivers conduct themselves courteously and operate their vehicles in a professional manner.

Whenever I have needed a roll-off for temporary disposal, they have been very responsive in removing it as soon as I request. Also, when I needed an extension, they have given it to me without extra charge (i.e. no one else had a pending order for it).

Area Disposal is the type of company that makes the community better. If they are taken away, they will be missed.

Robert Peak
Paradise Valley

Choice enhances
quality of life

I have been reading about the proposal for TPV to only permit one provider for trash hauling to enhance our “quality of Life.” I must admit in the nine years we have lived in PV we have never once had any issue with the collection of our trash and find it amazing you feel you must restrain competition to provide the excellent service we have always had from our provider at a fair price.

Just to be clear, we are opposed to any notion that only one provider should be permitted to provide any service since this practice has always led to poor service at a higher price with no option to make a change. The informed residents of TPV must continue to have the recourse to make a change if they are not happy for a service that it is receiving. This is no different than why we have elections.

Over the many years I have been in business, only having one provider of a service, has always led to higher prices and poor service being provided. Nothing about having one provider for our trash hauling will enhance our quality of life since we would not have any control to make a change.

In addition, this practice of only permitting one vendor for any service and the lack of competition is frowned upon by other well-run municipalities because it breeds higher prices, poorer service and the illusion of favoritism/corruption by government personnel.

We are opposed to this bad direction by the Town of Paradise Valley to make any change and implore you to spend your time and money in other ways such as getting good cellular services for us. As the saying goes — if it isn’t broken — don’t try to fix it.

We hope you have a happy and healthy New Year.

Ken and Robin Roth
Paradise Valley

Single-source does
have its advantages

Currently, each of the five waste haulers serving PV make a minimum of two or three trips through the town each week, one or two for refuge collection and one for recycling collection. Thus a total of up to 15 trips are made each week. A single provider would make two or three trips through the town.

There would be a significant reduction in noise, wear and tear on our roads, and traffic.

Due to efficiency, a single provider should be able to provide service at a lower cost. By contract, the provider would have to meet certain standards or the contract could be terminated and awarded to a competitor.
To ensure competition, the contract would cover a specific length of time, perhaps three or five years, at the end of which it would be rebid.

As a bonus, a single contractor could be required to provide periodic bulk and hazardous materials collections.

Ken Goldstein
Paradise Valley

Firmly in opposition
to single-hauler

We oppose restricting Town of Paradise Valley residents to one trash hauler. We wish to preserve our right to choose our own trash hauler.

Lee and Amy Silverthorn
Paradise Valley

Why would we want
change our system?

Absent someone’s acceptance of a bribe, what would be the value in decreasing choices in the trash business?
Historically, the trash business has been riddled with corruption. You can Google the mafia’s involvement during the past 80 years’ time and you’ll prove to yourself that this is usually lubricious business.

You’ll note that there has almost always been a financial “incentive”, to the legislative body, when they exercised the idea that the declination of choice, was in the public’s best interest.

So, give back the gifts and gratuities that accompanied the haulers’ proposals, to go to a single provider. Then, just do the right thing.

Mark Collins
Paradise Valley

We are strongly not
in favor of proposal

We want to add our voice to the issue currently being debated in TPV regarding going to a single-trash hauler company in PV.

We strongly are against this plan, and respectfully ask that you and the rest of the town’s council members hear the voices of its residents. We will not be in town to add our voice to the debate at the Jan. 25th meeting, so this email will have to suffice.

We have lived in Paradise Valley for six years since moving here from San Marino, Calif. We are customers of Waste Management.

Several reasons inform our position:

  • Waste Management has been simply fantastic to work with — by far the best trash service company we have had on any home we have owned or rented over the past 30 years. Their customer service is unparalleled. Perhaps more importantly, our ‘trash man/driver’ is simply one of the kindest, most helpful people we have servicing our property. We have literally called into Waste Management to rave about his kindness and how he always goes above the call of duty — wanting to make sure WM takes care of this special employee. As strange as it may seem, we would be devastated to see this wonderful service company and employee not taking care of us and our home because of the decisions of local government. To us, this is the epitome of government overreach.
  • Second, we moved here from San Marino, Calif. — a town very similar to Paradise Valley. San Marino has a similar population to Paradise Valley (approximately 17,000, high per capita income), special zoning laws protecting its character, and is a beautiful community as its homes are used in many film exteriors. However, San Marino had a policy that only one trash service company could work in the entire town and it was a nightmare. Customer service was non-existent and they continually raised prices at will because they had no competition. And, on their service day in our area, they literally clogged the streets with their trucks — much worse than I have ever seen with trash trucks in Paradise Valley.

I urge you and the town council to stop and re-consider this foolish move to a one-trash hauler system.

Melanie and Bruce Polk
Paradise Valley

Freedom of choice
matters to me

In 1994 when I purchased my home in Paradise Valley I had a choice of two trash removal companies.
We should at least have this.

They — the town council — should not allow our freedom of choice in this matter taken away from us.
Thank you for your message regarding this matter.

Greg Rowe
Paradise Valley

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